Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe Review


 Costumer Review

If you love leather shoes and you also love soccer, Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial is made for you. The high end sports shoe is light, stylish and has plenty of synthetic linings for maximum comfort. It also looks quite appealing, besides being one of the highest rated sports shoes at the moment. Read below to view a full review of the shoe, and perhaps decide if you should grab one for yourself.


The Copa Mundial takes one of the most iconic Adidas shoes design; a low top design, a black color and the Adidas logo being highlighted in white. But unlike the most other Adidas shoes in the market, this one has a special look and feel. It is leather made after all, and thus provides more cushioning and an assurance of long durability. The outsole also feels exceptionally firm, in addition to the fact that they also provide additional aesthetics.


While on the outer side the shoe is made from leather for long durability, the interior is mainly synthetic made to offer maximum protection.

Its inner sole is also made from synthetic material, which in turn has the advantage of providing cushioning from shock and sweating.

Note however that this shoe is one of the lightest you can get from Adidas, as it weighs 3 pounds and measures 13.7*8.3*4.8 inches. You can also get smaller and comfortable makes of the Mundial soccer shoe, and they will certainly cost less.


With its conspicuous design and great quality, you can get the shoes at $250 or less. In fact, if you just buy the shoe alone and no other Adidas items such as socks and pads, you could pay less than $150. And this is definitely a great bargain, especially if you have tried other soccer shoes and suffered from their poor qualities.

The kids’ versions of the Mundial also cost amazingly less, sometimes even lower than $100.


Every soccer player deserves a shoe that can provide services for several years without tearing or causing injuries. And with this shoe’s leather structure and tough outsole, you could certainly enjoy soccer for several years while using the shoe.

Actually, the overall shoe’s design is one meant to provide high quality services without failure. The use of synthetic soles for instance, firm and high quality shoe laces as well as the low top designing makes you remain stable and in control of the ball without contributing to the shoe’s wear in any way.

Light Touch

The Soccer Mundial has mainly been successful because of its light feel and touch. The lightness is after all something most soccer player enjoys, as it helps them run faster, strike the ball higher and pass it to their teammates in the exact curves they want.

The shoe’s light touch is contributed by the unique lace-less like design and the general lightness.


Finally, if you are looking for the best quality yet affordable soccer shoe at the moment, the Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe looks like a great choice.


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