ASICS Gel Craze TR Cross Training Shoe Review


 Costumer Review

When it comes to training shoes, consumers are very meticulous with the right type and brand of shoes that they will purchase to enjoy their health and fitness lifestyle even more. An increasing number of men go for crossfit training these days because this is regarded as one of the most effective physical training methods to undergo in order to obtain the desired figure. However, the right type of shoes for a full-body workout and intense training play very pivotal role in getting the kind of shape you’ve always wanted and the ASICS Gel Craze TR Shoes could be the best option for you.

ASICS Gel Craze TR Features

The ASICS Gel Craze TR Cross Training Shoe is one of the top choices when it comes to training shoes. More and more men prefer this because they are designed with a great number of impressive features which include the following:

  • They are especially crafted with imported and synthetic material.
  • These shoes are made with shock-absorption feature, sole that is made of rubber as well as breathable open mesh.
  • They come with GEL technology and are very light so they offer more comfort.


There are many features to love about the Gel Craze TR Cross Training Shoe for men by ASICS. They are worth-buying because:

  • These shoes are ideal for training and running since they provide additional comfort and stability. Indeed, they are also great for gym and court sports.
  • They are designed with extra heel support and come with wider base so they are perfect for lateral movements. Aside from these, they fit accurately and very lightweight.
  • These shoes are recommendable for men who are into cross training, weight lifting and who look for excellent and reliable arch support.
  • They are certified flexible and can definitely withstand consistent side to side pressure.


There are just a few not-so-good things and these consist of the following:

  • These shoes may be a little narrow for men who have wide feet.
  • They are only ideal for men who prefer low profile shoes that come with less padding.


There are aplenty of features to like about the ASICS Gel Craze TR Cross Shoe for men. If you prefer shoes that are branded, crafted with synthetic as well as imported materials, then, you need not find further. These shoes do not only come with appealing style but they can offer utmost protection, comfort and great performance during physical workouts and training.

What is more, they are unique in a lot of ways and can certainly stand out whenever you wear them. They are lightweight and designed with GEL technology. Their sole is crafted with rubber material; they can absorb shock and made with breathable open mesh. If you prefer a more comfortable and light feeling whenever you are performing intense training, these are ideal choice for your workout needs. You can pick from different colors like neon orange, navy and dark blue.

However, please be guided that these shoes aren’t recommended for men with wide feet since they are slightly narrow. If you opt for shoes that are designed with less padding and deemed as low profile shoes, then, they are perfect option for you.


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