ASICS Gel Fortius TR Cross Training Shoe Review


 Costumer Review

Are you looking for premium quality shoes that are especially designed for running, rope climbs, cleans and lifting? Then, you can consider getting the ASICS Gel Fortius TR a reliable, durable and branded shoes that can guarantee maximum performance and won’t run of style.

ASICS Gel Fortius TR Features

The ASICS Gel Fortius TR Cross Training Shoe for men are designed with synthetic sole, gel cushioning, mesh, Rhynoskin toe cap that provides more support, come with Airmesh upper, are imported, abrasion-resistant quarter panel as well as medial overlays, rubber outsole and come in various colors such as royal blue, white and flash yellow.

Here are some more excellent features:

  • The shoes come with quarter platform that’s double-stitched and certainly provides massive support for the foot whenever the wearer partakes in 360-degrees movements.
  • They provide a low to the ground feel for optimal stability at the time of physical activities or intense workouts.


There are a lot of factors why Gel Fortius TR Cross Training Shoe for men by ASICS is a great choice and these comprise of the following:

  • They are deemed as especially designed for high intensity interval training.
  • These shoes are made durable to provide much added comfort and ensure maximum performance.
  • Since the toecap is made of RhynoSkin, the shoes can guarantee a more enhanced upper durability as it is rear and abrasion resistant synthetic leather.
  • The gel cushioning offers maximum shield from shock absorption. This simply implies that the wearer will experience easy blow in every step upon impact.
  • These shoes can keep the feet in place even under extreme training.


While it is true that Gel Fortius TR Cross Training Shoe for men by ASICS is a must-have for men who are into intense training, you can get them at $46.51 – $91.94 price which is a bit expensive especially for those who only have limited budget for training shoes. There are free returns on some colors as well as sizes.


When it comes to training shoes, you’ve got to trust only the most trusted shoe brand. This is because branded shoes surely won’t let you down when it comes to maximum performance, comfort, protection and latest style. Luckily, ASICS now offers Gel Fortius TR Cross Training Shoe for men which can provide you all the features you search for in training shoes for your regular intense physical training.

While it is fact that they are sold in slightly costly selling price, they are still a smart buy mainly because they are made durable for long years of service and ultimate performance. In short, you are assured to get the real value of your money. Enjoy your health and fitness life with the right choice of high quality shoes that will aid bring out the best in you. For men looking for comfortable, sturdy and great looking shoes that you can rely on and use during physical activities, these shoes are worth-having.

With these training shoes by ASICS, you can finally say goodbye to feet discomfort and pain due to the wrong choice of shoes. However, be sure to save more first before you could get one. Keep in mind that it is all right to buy a bit pricey pair of shoes, after all, it’s your comfort and satisfaction that matter the most.


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