Crossfit Workouts at Home


Many of us cite a lot reasons or excuses just to skip performing physical activities on a daily basis. Admittedly, many of us wish to burn fat and build muscle at the same time without undergoing strenuous physical activities. Are you one of those who want to do some workouts but you are short on time?

Please take into consideration that you shouldn’t allow yourself feel so idle when it comes to your health. You can still execute some exercises at the comfort of your own home whenever you prefer and these would just require a few minutes of your time.

Here are some Crossfit workouts that you can perform right at your own place without heading to the gym:

  • Begin the day by performing basic exercise that consists of ten sit-ups, ten push-ups and also ten air squats. Take note that these workouts are intended to work the whole body and torch fat. Execute these movements in a row and make sure to perform five rounds.
  • Execute twelve burpees and make sure to perform twelve push-ups afterwards. Essentially, these movements function on both lower and upper body that aims to enhance overall strength. Perform ten rounds.
  • Perform fifteen push-ups, followed by twenty-one jumping squats, then, ten mountain climbers and lastly a total of ten sit-ups. Do this for four rounds. Such movements considerably aid in strengthening the legs, melting fat and sculpting the abs.
  • Execute twenty-five lunges, followed by twenty-five bear crawls and then a total of twenty-five burpees. These are the best exercises for the lower body. Perform five rounds.
  • Consider trying more advanced exercises by executing a hundred sit-ups, a hundred air squats and a hundred push-ups in a row.
  • If you have adjustable dumbbells or barbell at home, you can perform 5 back squats, 3 deadlift followed by overhead presses. Do this for about ten up to fifteen rounds. This is recommended for beginners. Make sure to maintain proper from and never attempt to max out the intensity yet in order to effectively obtain the benefits.
  • Execute 5 rounds of ten push-ups and do ten vertical jumps. This may sound a piece of cake; however, you will feel some sores after doing these. Vertical jumps are good at raising the heart rate and strengthening the core while the push-ups are good for the entire body.
  • If you prefer to build muscle, then, consider executing what is called Ryan workout routine. This comprises of 5 rounds of 7 muscles and a total of twenty-one burpees. The secret here is to perform these workouts as fast as possible.
  • You can also perform what is called Wilmot. This includes 6 rounds of fifty squats and then a total of twenty-five triceps dips. See to it to move as quickly as you can. The squats aid in engaging the core and building the lower body strength while the triceps dips work the muscles located at the back of the arms. Consider adding light weights as you progress for better enhanced resistance.

As you can see, you actually need not spend long hours of workout training and heading to the gym just to achieve optimal health and better figure. By following these Crossfit exercises at home, you too can have the kind of body you desire and enjoy wellness.


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