How to Achieve Success in Cross Training?


Cross training is one of the best workouts for you if you want to stay in shape and enhance your overall athletic performance. The good thing about cross training is that it consists of various workout routines, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored since you will not just perform a monotonous routine.

It also lets you participate in various workouts regularly, which means that you can use various muscle groups. If you want to produce the best results out of each cross training session, the following tips can help you:

  1. Identify your fitness goals – The first step in making cross training a part of your life is to identify your specific fitness goals. Find out what you want to accomplish from the training, so you can choose the right workouts to incorporate into the program. For instance, if your main goal is to improve your flexibility, then it is advisable to incorporate Pilates and Yoga in the program, since both can help in making you more flexible.
  1. Incorporate other modalities in your routines – This especially holds true if you are presently performing just one modality; for instance, strength, flexibility or cardio. This means that if you are a runner, consider adding other modalities such as stretching and weight training into your workout plan. If you are a weightlifter, then consider adopting cardiovascular exercises. If you are fond of doing yoga, then it is time to add strength training and cardiovascular routines in your workout.
  1. Fit various workouts in just one session – One thing that makes cross training amazing is that it makes it possible for you to fit various exercises within just a single session. You can do running for ten minutes, cycling for ten minutes and rowing for ten minutes. You can also perform some stretching and core workout for ten minutes.
  1. Combine cardio and strength training exercises – This is the best workout combination that you can ever try if you want to attain great results from cross training. If you want to try out this tip, then start with the elliptical for several minutes, then move on to jumping and doing a strength training exercise using a resistance band or dumbbell for 2 minutes. Once done, you can go back to the elliptical, so you can get your regular dose of cardio exercises. Alternate intervals so you will end up enjoying a powerful workout session.
  1. Get the best pair of cross training shoes – Investing in the best cross training shoes should also be on top of your priorities if you want to try this program. Note that you will be switching from one exercise to another (for example, from strength training to cardiovascular exercises), so you will need to have proper protection and support for your feet. Look for a pair of cross training shoes that will not cause discomfort and pain when you are exercising. A wise tip is to check your feet to find out whether you are flat footed or have high arch.

You may also seek the aid of a store personnel when determining the shape of your arch. If your arch is normal to high, then consider picking a shoe with more cushioned sole. If you are flat-footed, then a neutral or stability shoe is the best for you. Other factors that you should consider when planning to buy the best cross training shoes are the traction, fit, comfort level, features and security.


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