PUMA Cell Riaze Cross Training Shoe Review


 Costumer Review

PUMA which is known for being a reliable brand is certainly one of the most preferred brands globally. So, many people around the world especially those who are into sports, indoor and outdoor activities and other adventures choose this brand in order for them to perform better and enjoy various activities even more and the PUMA Cell Riaze Cross Training Shoe for Women is a good option.

PUMA Cell Riaze Features

These shoes are designed with bonded synthetic upper and breathable mesh and come with a rubber sole, padded collar and tongue. They feature cushioned heel and midsole, EverTrack superior-abrasion outsole and a premium-rebound EcoOrthoLite sock liner. Puma Cell Riaze Cross Training Shoe are ideal for style, comfort and cushioning since this is actually what Cell Riaze is all about.


  • Since these shoes are quite padded, they definitely fit like a glove. These are ideal for flat feet and offers comfortable tight.
  • The style of these shoes is attractive and these are regarded as standard sneakers which can be used daily.
  • These provide great foot and ankle support.
  • They come with very stylish design so these are certified a good pick for women who are trendy and into fashion.


  • If you are searching for shoes that provide much needed or extreme comfort, great stability and speed in terms of performing workouts, this brand is not recommendable. As for me, this is not the ideal pick for performing very athletic activities.
  • You can purchase them with a price range of $49.17-$200 which may be considered very high-priced.
  • These shoes may only be perfect for women with narrow feet. This means that women with wide feet may not fully rely on these shoes.


All in all, this PUMA Cell Riaze Cross Training Shoe is great for gym workout as well as running. However, if you are into dancing, these are not advised for they make the toes feel like they’re frozen or asleep. They are slightly tight in the toe area but they provide great arch support.

In the same way, these shoes are slight slippery on wet floors. And, since they are not manufactured with enough cushions, they seem uncomfortable and chunky when lifting weights. Aside from these, they are absolutely not suited for longer term usage.

These shoes are not waterproof so they can’t be worn outside when it’s raining or when the activity is done or expose in watery areas. In point of fact, smallest raindrops can go straight through the shoes and your feet will surely go all wet.

In addition, I can’t say anything unpleasant about the style and design. These shoes are girly and very adorable so they are ideal for girls who love to be in the latest trend. Not to mention, they are exceptional for a basic gymnasium shoe so that makes them a great choice.

For a price range of $49.17-$200, the shoes may be considered as quite expensive, but, as for me, they worth the price because they are made with great design, they provide stability, support and comfort and their style is perfect for the preference of these days girl generation. While it true that they may be priced costly, PUMA Cell Riaze Cross Training Shoes are a must-have for fashionable girls who love to do workouts and other physical activities.


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