Yoga for Fitness: How to Make the Most Out of Each Session?


Yoga is one of the best practices that you can implement if you want to achieve the highest level of fitness. However, take note that the practice is not habitual. Each time you step on your yoga mat comes with new emotions and thoughts flooding your head. You will also experience different aches that run through your body.

Still, it’s an effective way to calm the mind and enjoy an intense workout. Yoga makes it possible for you to achieve happiness, enlightenment, peace and calmness while making your body fit. To ensure that you’ll get the most out of each yoga session, it would be best to follow these tips:

  1. Hydrate – There are instances when you rush yourself to undergo a yoga session, which causes you to forget that you have to hydrate. It’s time to remind yourself constantly how important it is to hydrate before each yoga session. Drink one glass of coconut water or one cup of herbal tea an hour prior to each yoga session.Hydration can help awaken your mind while making you feel refreshed and improving your attentiveness, instead of feeling drained and sluggish. It’s unnecessary to hydrate yourself with caffeine-laden drinks as the practice can already wake you up naturally. If you hydrate yourself with healthy drinks, you come into the yoga room with full intent and awareness.
  1. Don’t expect too much – Avoid having unrealistic expectations from your yoga sessions – ex. expecting your yoga teacher to teach you the secret to life or mastering each yoga pose within just a few minutes. You have to let go – your worries, unrealistic expectations, frustrations, etc. Move into each class with your mind calm and open, so you can experience the moment as it should be and not based on your unrealistic expectations.
  1. Avoid distractions – One way to succeed when practicing yoga is to stay focused. Avoid letting your mind chatter too loudly that you already have a hard time listening to what your teacher instructs you to do. Clear all forms of distractions from the start. Don’t go to your class with full bladder, bangs that cover your eyes, uncomfortable clothes, and gadgets. Note that these seemingly minor distractions can get in the way of your yoga practice because they prevent you from being present.
  2. Listen to your own body – You have to listen to your own body cues so you will know the perfect time to give it a rest. Focus on being good to yourself, instead of looking good. If you focus on the latter, then you’ll most likely ignore the pain in your muscles and continue doing each pose without taking a rest. Be subtle enough to hear the voice of your own body. Such can help you determine whether it’s time to rest or do a simpler yoga pose.
  1. Breathe – This is just a simple tip to maximizing the effects of each yoga session but it is actually powerful and extremely important. You can get the most out of yoga if you exhale and inhale mindfully. It keeps you grounded and balanced. It even allows you to practice within your own capacity. It lets you appreciate each moment.

Aside from the tips above, it also helps to find the right class for you. Look for a yoga class, which is specifically tailored to your level of experience. Make sure that the class is not too challenging for you that you’ll already feel unwelcome or lost nor too easy that you’ll feel uninspired and unchallenged. Find one that is really suitable for you.


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